Preamble of India from an alternative universe


When I first read the preamble of our constitution I felt a deep sense of patriotism and 26 th January is….. Wait! But as I am typing this, a wormhole has appeared in my room and very fuzzy character has thrown a piece of paper at me and the wormhole has disappeared. Everything happened so quick that I did not have time to even react. I wish my camera were ready. How will I credibly boast about this? And no uploads to facebook? Sad!

Anyway, heavyheartedly I decided to take a look at the paper. It was a preamble slightly different from our own. As soon as I noted down the differences, the paper has self-destructed itself (some mission impossible kind of stuff right in front of my eyes and I can’t prove this one either). I wish, I were in a situation to show you the original but, hey, you can take a look at my notes:


The one in black is the preamble of our constitution. The correction by striking out and typing in red is the one from an alternate universe. I am just wondering what a divided and unjust life is being led by the citizens of India in the alternative universe from where that piece of paper has come.

Happy Republic Day to you all!


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